Heartbreak Beat (and it feels like love)

So there I sat, three or four Budweisers and a vodka tonic deep, freshly powdered and squirming in a booth at the Cathay de Grande as Fred swapped pheromones with the unwitting accomplice to the crime I was about to commit. Other girls might have fought fire with fire — there was no shortage ofContinue reading “Heartbreak Beat (and it feels like love)”

Brunette, like me

  In the ’70s, most women on television had long hair. By most women, I mean Marcia, Jan and Cindy Brady. Oh, and Laurie Partridge, duh. Mrs. Brady (Florence Henderson), on the other hand, sported an iconic short mullet-shag, the trendy mom look of the period, while Alice the housekeeper was kept safely unattractive withContinue reading “Brunette, like me”

Material Girls and West End Boys

  All the male stylists were gay. Super gay. And their clients were famous. Super famous. The female stylists were polite, no-drama Asian gals. The sun poured in through the front windows and bounced around the chrome and white surfaces like a spotlight on a diamond. The beauty business is a breeding ground for insecurityContinue reading “Material Girls and West End Boys”

Anger is an Energy

A ripped Naugahyde booth in the moldy basement of a long-gone Hollywood restaurant was no place for a young lady from the westside to be spending time in 1981. Not at midnight, not with the antiseptic burn of cocaine in her throat, not with her vengeful heart doing paradiddles against her ribcage and especially notContinue reading “Anger is an Energy”